Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter
NCS - We Are Transforming Lives

Who We Are

The Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter, Inc. (NCS) serves people who are chronically homeless, formerly homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless. Established in 1982 by religious and community leaders on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, NCS was founded on the premise that homelessness is the responsibility of the entire community.



David A. Oliver, President
Wolcott B. Dunham, Jr., Vice President
Stephanie Guest, Vice President
Susan Stevens, Treasurer



Nancy Carr Oren K. Isacoff
Barbara Chocky Thomas J. Kilkenny
Anne S. Davidson Ann Ross Loeb
Abigail Black Elbaum Stephanie Shuman
Patricia Falk Stuart N. Siegel
Jan F. Golann Christopher W. Solomon
Alice Greif Jill Worth

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