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Client Activities



Memorial Day 2017

NCS tenants enjoy a BBQ to kick off the start of summer and in honor of Memorial Day

Fountain House One-in-Four 5k

In May 2017 Alan Miller, a tenant at the NCS Residence, participated in the Fountain House One-in-Four 5k!

Over 600 runners and volunteers helped celebrate wellness efforts, challenge mental health stigma, and raise public awareness about the prevalence of mental illness.

We're so proud of Alan and all the work he's doing to publicize these issues.

Passover 2017

NCS tenant Avi leads a Passover seder for fellow residents. L�Chayim!

Luck o� the Irish

The NCS residents had a great time celebrating St. Patrick�s Day with green cake and ice cream!

Our thanks to Bombas for including NCS in 60K Day!

On Tuesday, February 28th, volunteers organized by Bombas, a sock company that donates a pair of socks for every pair purchased, visited the NCS Residence and Louis Nine House. On any given night in NYC, there are 60,000 men, women, and children who are homeless. To raise awareness, Bombas gave out 60,000 pairs of socks on Tuesday at shelters and supportive housing throughout the City. Our residents love their new socks and loved spending the evening with the fantastic volunteers.

Valentine�s Day 2017 at the NCS Residence

Residents celebrated Valentine�s Day with cupcakes, candy, balloons and lots of love. Each attendee received a teddy bear, generously donated by Susan Kaufman from Congregation Emanu-El on the Upper East Side.

Louis Nine House Christmas Party and Talent Show

On December 28th, Louis Nine House residents and staff celebrated with a holiday party and talent show. It was great to see how talented the participants were. Everyone had a wonderful time. Happy New Year!

Dural acted as MC for the evening and showed off his talent for rapping.


Chengsi displayed her art work.


Quandre performed a spoken word piece.


Brendon singing


Morenike reading poetry


From left to right: Charline, LNH's new employment specialist; Valerie, the arts coordinator; and Charity judged the contestants.

The NCS Residence Christmas Party and Talent Show

On Wednesday, December 14th, NCS staff and residents gathered at the NCS Residence on the Upper East Side to enjoy a talent show put on by the residents. We all enjoyed the singing, jokes, and readings of original pieces. Happy Holidays to all!

Our talent show winner performing a gospel song.


Some of our residents sharing their talents.


NCS staff lead a holiday sing-a-long.


Staff members enjoying the performances.


The judges announcing the winners at the end of the evening.

Gobble Gobble Gobble

NCS residents were thankful for the wonderful meal they shared Thanksgiving Day. Everyone enjoyed the food, company, and holiday spirit.

Halloween 2016 at the NCS Residence

Clients had a great time dancing to Halloween themed music such as Monster Mash and Thriller, showing off their costumes, and enjoying fun snacks.

Recognition Ceremony, 2016

Louis Nine House hosts its first annual Recognition Ceremony celebrating the accomplishments of our residents, including two recent college grads!

NCS Residence 4th of July

What better way to celebrate our Nation's birthday than with some grilling? Our tenants had a great day together chatting, cooking, and eating!

NCS Birthday Party June 29, 2016

Time to celebrate some birthdays! Music was playing, stories were told, and plenty of laughter filled the room when tenants of the NCS Residence enjoyed their June birthdays with cake, snacks, and friends.

Moody's Grill Event June 8, 2016

Despite the rain, the dedicated Moody's team was back to grill up some delicious burgers and hot dogs for tenants at the NCS Residence.

Moody's Gardening Event June 1, 2016

The sun was out and the Moody's group was here at the NCS Residence to liven up the rooftop garden. It was a day of teamwork, smiles, and great results that residents will enjoy for months to come.

Mother's Day May 8, 2016

On a day to appreciate all mothers, the women at the NCS Residence received beautiful flowers and balloons. They also enjoyed a great Oreo cake.

Jazz Night April 22, 2016

Residents and staff were thrilled that long time NCS volunteer and supporter, jazz singer Audrey Silver, returned to the NCS Residence to perform along with her colleague, guitarist Avi Rothbard. Everyone had a great time.

St. Patrick's day 2016

May the luck of the Irish be with you! Tenants at the NCS Residence celebrated St. Patrick's Day in style with the wearing of the green, completed with green hats and ties. They also enjoyed a corned beef dinner with festive green Jell-O for dessert.

LNH Gifted Hands March 11, 2016

During a night to celebrate the arts, the Louis Nine House tenants grabbed their paint and paintbrushes and created some beautiful works. After a long, focused effort, our tenant, Ivory, impressed us all with a fabulous flower display. Ivory has now generously gone on to teach a Jewelry Making class to her neighbors!

NCS Baking February 29, 2016

It's always fun to roll up your sleeves and get your hands messy in the kitchen, and that's exactly what these tenants did while preparing a delicious vanilla frosting covered cake! Our baking class teaches the residents all the important steps it takes to prepare something on your own.

Valentine's Day 2016

The decorations were festive and the gift bags with teddy bears were a hit, as the NCS Residence celebrated Valentine's Day in style! There was a raffle for a heart-shaped box of chocolates and the winner shared that it was her lucky day. It was a fun and uplifting event for all.

Christmas 2015

Merry Christmas to all at our NCS Residence! Tenants shared a holiday dinner and some holiday jingles too.

Talent Show December 14, 2015

What fun! The NCS Residence held its annual talent show, with tenants treating the audience to original prose and poetry readings, moving vocal performances, and a harmonica medley. NCS Board member Brinton Taylor Parson and two supporters from Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church, Martha Scotzin and Katie Riley, judged the competition, but the audience who got to enjoy the performances were the lucky winners. What a great way to end the year!

Moody's Gardening June 10, 2015

Our long-time volunteers, Moody's, sent a crew to the NCS Residence - this time making our gardens grow!

Gallery Night

Gallery Night was a blast! On May 26th, 2015, our young performance and visual artists wowed the crowd including friends, family, staff, board members and other supporters with their wonderful gifts. Warm, moving, at times funny - it was a wonderful evening.

From left to right, Louis Nine House staff, Ida Lunay, Emily Cavanagh and Monique Phillips with resident and performer Brendon Patterson


Stuart Anthony, Executive Director of Art Connects New York, Ira Mandelker, Executive Director of Neighborhood Coalition for Shelter, and Emily Cavanagh, Creative Arts Coordinator, Louis Nine House.


Tihirah Johnson, poet, Louis Nine House resident.


Guest artist, Eligah Voyd


Visual art display


Resident original art


Resident original art


Lynn Mold, Visual and Performing Arts Creative Director for Lenox Hill Neighborhood House


Bjork Exhibit at MOMA

Our Aim High with the Arts! clients checked out the Bjork exhibit at The Museum of Modern Art in March 2015. Our own budding artists were given a very special personal tour which led to discussions focused on how artists like Bjork process raw emotions through their art. Thanks again to MOMA for partnering with us to encourage our residents to participate in the arts!

Bjork album covers


NCS residents learning more about the exhibit from their personal tour guide, Rebecca Goyette.


After the tour of the exhibit, MOMA provided space for our clients to express themselves, receive encouragement, and listen to Bjork's music while they worked through their own creative process.

UniverSoul Circus

Clients from the NCS Residence enjoyed a performance of the UniverSoul Circus in the Bronx in March 2015. The residents had a wonderful time watching the theatrics and animals, and are thankful to Healing Arts Initiative for sponsoring their night out!



March Birthday

NCS resident Yong-Cha Kim celebrates her March 2015 birthday with her friends at the NCS Residence. Every month, we hold a birthday party -- for a chance to celebrate and -- to bring staff and residents from the NCS community together!


St. Patrick's Day

May the luck of the Irish be with you! Clients from the NCS Residence celebrated St. Patrick's Day in March 2015 with a feast of corned beef and cabbage and green jell-o for dessert.


Aim High with the Arts! Program Day of Feminine Expression

Clients from NCS's Aim High with the Arts! program work with Teaching Artist Rebecca Goyette (top right) in March 2015. That day, the group discussed feminine expression and empowerment in the visual arts, and then got to work!


Walk A Day In My Shoes

During the winter of 2015, clients from the NCS Residence took a trip to a local podiatrist for a semi-annual preventative exam and foot pampering as part of the Walk A Day In My Shoes program. They also picked out new shoes for themselves!

Trip to Brooklyn

During the winter of 2015, clients from our NCS Residence took a tour of Brooklyn. First up, a trip to the Barclays Center to see Frozen on Ice. Next, off to the Brooklyn Tabernacle. The residents had a wonderful time and are thankful to Healing Arts Initiative for sponsoring their day on the town.

Baking Class

Clients at the NCS Residence got a chance to do some hands-on baking in a class in February 2015. This time, they made a cake from scratch. Baking classes are now a recurring event at the Residence - can't wait to see what comes out of their kitchen!



Valentine's Day

In February 2015, residents at the NCS Residence celebrated Valentine's Day with a special dinner of beef stew, rice and vegetables and a beautiful cake. Everyone enjoyed listening to and singing along with love songs.



Ice Skating in Bryant Park

In February 2015, volunteers from Hope from New York organized an evening of ice skating at Bryant Park with residents from NCS's Louis Nine House. A fun time was had by all!






Visit to the Museum of Modern Art

NCS residents in our arts program visited the Museum of Modern Art exhibition of Oscar Murillo earlier in February 2015. Most were never in a museum before coming to NCS and are inspired by the possibilities. Stay tuned for information on their next Gallery Night, where they exhibit their original art.

Mindfulness Week

In early February 2015, NCS residents participated in Mindfulness Week, sponsored by The Reciprocity Foundation, which is devoted to meditation in shelters and supportive housing across NYC. Residents learned coping techniques and alternative ways to handle their stress. From left to right, here are Juamesha Viera, Chelsea and John from the Foundation, and Brian Diaz.

Visit to the New Museum

Participants of the Aim High with the Arts! program visited the New Museum with Art Connects New York in January 2015 to view the exhibition, "Chris Ofili: Night and Day." This exhibition marks the artist's first major solo show of his work in the United States. NCS residents enjoyed viewing the artwork and feel more inspired for creating their own!


Young Musicians' Group

NCS volunteer and musician Ben Fitts works with Bronx residents of Louis Nine House including an aspiring songwriter, beats producer, and guitar player. We can't wait to hear the melodies and harmonies that are forged from this young musicians' group!

Ben meets with client Mike to sample beats.


Resident Christian is learning to play the guitar, and writes accompanying lyrics.


2015 Resolutions

We're all working on putting our New Year's resolutions into action. Here Louis Nine House residents created vision boards, putting their resolutions, goals, and visions for 2015 on poster boards.


2014 NCS Residence Talent Show

On Wednesday, December 17th, NCS Residence held their annual talent show! Residents, staff, volunteer judges and supporters had a wonderful time. What a great way to end the year!

Left to right: NCS resident Peggy Spinner, Talent Show guest judge Ben Fitts, NCS Executive Director Ira L. Mandleker, NCS resident Pamela Benn, guest judges Kathryn Creech and Nikki Hobson, and NCS resident Luther Perry.

Flutist Luther Perry performed an impressive medley!

Staff member Jenny Santiago and performer Peggy Spinner. Spinner moved everyone with her spirituals.

Thanksgiving at Louis Nine House

Thanksgiving at Louis Nine House! Staff serve turkey with all the trimmings to our young residents, who shared what they are thankful for this year on their Giving Tree. Some things they were thankful for: family and friends, good health, being alive and living at Louis Nine House!


Getting Ready for Halloween

Residents at Louis Nine House, our program for youth aging out of foster care, had a great time carving pumpkins with our wonderful volunteers from Hope for New York.

Louis Nine House resident, Alfredo, carving a pumpkin.

Louis Nine House residents and Hope for New York volunteers at the carving table.

Happy Halloween!

Louis Nine House Residents Rock!

NCS's third Gallery Night, featuring young residents from our program for youth aging out of foster care, took place on July 22nd at Theatre 80 St. Marks in the East Village. It was a meaningful, emotionally charged and highly entertaining night of original music, poetry, spoken word and art inspired by the tenants' personal stories of loss, struggle and resilience. These young performers are participants in the Louis Nine House AHA! (Aim High with the Arts!) program. NCS is thankful to all of our friends who showed their support of our young people and helped to make this a truly unforgettable event.

Emcee and comedian Dural Witherspoon

Tenant artwork

NCS Board Member Stephanie Guest (left) with Richard Ellis and friend Bonnie Strauss chat with NCS Executive Director Ira Mandelker (in second row)

Shanice Armstrong reads her original poem

Performers with friends and family

Hugs and congratulations after a job well done!

Laugh Out Loud!

Comedian Damon Rozier rocked the house! His appearance at Chance for Change, NCS's substance abuse program, was a great success. There were roars of laughter but more to the point, he connected with men and women who've been struggling with their addictions, helped them to laugh at themselves, and gave them hope. Damon (in yellow) and some of his admirers!

Louis Nine House Residents Jam in the Recording Studio

Participants in the AHA! (Aim High with the Arts!) program at Louis Nine House (LNH), our supportive housing in the Bronx for youth aging out of foster care, were thrilled to score some studio time at the Institute of Audio Research in Union Square to record the song they wrote and performed together called “Struggle in the Streets”. Not only did they lay down a track in a real recording studio, but they got to work with the pros - how cool is that?!

On our way! Heading to recording studios.

Working with the pros!

Go time - recording in the studio!


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